About Pinsa.

You will wonder why it is called pinsa.

The word Pinsa comes from the Latin word “Pinsere” that means to stretch, to spread. The traditional recipe has been revisited several times over the centuries, until nowdays. pinsa is called a new version of our authentic Italian pizza.

Why is pinsa so light?

Because it has a new blend of four flours that includes wheat flour, soy flour, rice flour and sourdough, pure organic and quality materials, it is 100% vegan, 70% gluten free, does not contain artificial preservatives, no cholesterol, no added sugar. It has a maturing process of 72 hours, with a high hydration technique, subjected to different temperatures. That's why ancient Roman pinsa is much lighter than any other pizza dough.

hydration copia

Hydration stretch, to spread

Different temperatures

clock copia

Dough evolves for 72 hours

vegan copia

Oval shape

shape copia

100% vegan, 70% gluten free